Question by  aross (13)

What is going on when a breast-fed baby has green stool and is real fussy?

I thought breast-fed babies were happy.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

Green stool is often a warning that something is not all right. Your baby might be allergic to medicines or food, that either you take or you give him/her.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Breast-feeding is certainly healthier, but there are many environmental factors that affect mood. Keep in mind that what you consume is passed on to your baby via breast-feeding.


Answer by  curtangel (138)

All babies, even breastfed babies, get sick sometimes. That's likely the cause of this, babies suck on everything - she might have gotten some bad bacteria and she probably is working it out of her system (this is the sort of thing breastfeeding helps with). Other possibility - she might be having an allergic reaction to something you ate.


Answer by  Megan99 (183)

Your baby may be having an allergic reaction to something you ate, probably dairy. Try not eating dairy products for two to three weeks and see if there's a change.

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