Question by  Amruthavalli (17)

What should I write in a cover letter for baby modeling?

We have a beautiful baby who photographs really well.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Everybody has a beautiful baby that photographs really well. All parents believe this. Keep your letter to the facts: how old is the baby, when are you available? Do not offer opinions or attempt to tell professionals what they know best about.


Answer by  epaulzy (119)

I don't know how much you can write about a baby on a cover letter other than just giving some specifics. If your baby can do things that are unusual for a child of his or her age that would be significant and perhaps helpful in getting in the door.


Answer by  DaniM (60)

"I would like to introduce you to my child. He/She is a pleasant baby who loves to smile and enjoys having his/her picture taken. " If you make sure to mention the babies good temperment than you will get their attention. No photographer wants to film a fussy baby who wont cooperate and keeps crying.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

You should write a cover letter, but also send some pictures. Enter your baby in some beauty pagents and go from there.


Answer by  Rani60 (351)

First we introduce yourself to modeling agency. Then inform about baby's age, weight, height and talents. We write about baby's interesting matter and promoting portions. Then put some model type photos etc.


Answer by  PJAGANI (231)

Name of the baby. Date of birth of the baby. Name of parents. Which kind of diet is provided for this healthy baby, that information is also necessary to guide other parents.

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