Question by  MsSnow (19)

Is it possible for my breastfed baby to be overeating?

Do babies overeat at all?


Answer by  bpan (23)

Breastfed babies eat only what they need at any one time. Your baby is likely full if he is playing around at the end of the feeding session.


Answer by  Mdrabbit (26)

Although medical professionals may sometimes express concern that a formula fed baby is overeating, this is generally not a concern for babies who are breastfeeding exclusively. If your baby seems to be happy and not experiencing any symptoms of gastic distress, it is highly unlikely that your baby is overeating.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Yes, one of the challenges of breast feeding is not knowing how much your child is getting and if they are eating enough or to much. As you are not aware of how much he or she is getting while eating it is hard to determine if they have had enough or not.

Reply by Elle11 (44):
Babies demonstrate signs of satiation when they've had enough to eat such as relaxing their arms and fists and going to sleep. Breastfed babies will not overfeed so as long as you hear swallowing let your baby nurse. Weigh him occasionally if you worry he isn't getting enough.  add a comment
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