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Question by  Cem (10)

What is the best treatment for an extruded disc caused by an auto accident?

I was rear ended last week and ended up with a severe back injury.


Answer by  RN2follow (7)

Back injuries can be difficult to treat without ongoing medical care either by an orthopod or a chiropractor. Rest and elevation of your legs can help somewhat, as can heat packs and over the counter anti inflammatory drugs like Motrin. In some cases, surgery to repair the disc may be needed.


Answer by  Jaime85 (21)

You must seek chiropractic and physical therapy care. The muscles running along your spine have weakened and allowed the disc to move. In the most severe cases, you will need to seek options which consider surgery. Those are very extreme cases and PTs generally work on adjustment and correction first.


Answer by  banu62 (25)

The best treatment for an extruded disc is surgery. If the grade is I or II,in physiotherapy lumbar traction,electrotherapy like Interferential therapy can be given. if the grade is more than III,surgery is needed.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

The best treatmend for an extruded disc caused by an auto accident is to go to a chiropractor and have the spine aligned. Also do lots of back exercise.


Answer by  jaison23 (172)

Consult an Ortho surgeon and your disk must be treated. If there is any broken disk then it must be cleared by an surgery.


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

First and foremost, take it EXTREMELY easy on your back. You don't want to injure it more! See your doctor for pain management and, if needed, surgical repair.


Answer by  zura (6)

Important is to go to the clinic, than tell to doctor about your problem and do make that as you sad doctor.Than go home and do not fatigued youself. Good luck to you.

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