Question by  gfr (97)

What are common knee injuries in gymnastics?

I am in gymnastics and want to know my risk for knee injuries.


Answer by  camfishy8 (55)

Common knee injuries for gymnasts include ACL tears and meniscus tears as well as sprains. The risks can be minimized by proper training including an adequate warm up and stretching.


Answer by  Daniel69 (43)

Because of the repetitive impact on the joint the cartilage that protects the bones wear down and cause severe pain and permanent damage. ligaments that attach muscles to the bones are the most frequently injured part of the knee. Once ligaments tear they take a very long time to heal.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Tearing your ACL or MCL, along with dislocating your knee caps are all common. In addition, tearing or straining a ligament in your knee.


Answer by  12 (82)

Knee injuries can happen from falling during a floor exercise. Also when using the vault you could hurt your knees.

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