Question by  willard (874)

What is an easy way to get into photography?

What subjects are good for beginners?


Answer by  AFF (45)

The best subjects are subjects you find most interesting. To get into photography, you should grab a camera and just start taking pictures of whatever attracts your eye and experiment with your camera. If you like flowers, take pictures of flowers. Find something you love because photographing what you love will make it so much easier to get into photography.


Answer by  cashmang (112)

A good way to start is to take pictures of people. Avoid the cliches of statues and sunsets that no one actually likes. Complete a specific goal or project. Don't get too wrapped up in the technical aspects. Look at pictures and decide which genres appeal to you.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

A great way to get into photography is by taking pictures of things that interests you. Go for a walk with your camera, and take photos of things you like.


Answer by  tedros (211)

Take chances. Photograph the same theme over and over again. Look at your results and think about how to do it better. Pay special attention to lighting and composition. Late afternoon is a popular time for photographers because of the soft shadows. A fun exercise is to make pictures that look like letters of the alphabet.

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