Question by  Taj (29)

How can I learn more about photography lighting?

I am trying to get into photography.


Answer by  Andoroyd (42)

An ideal way to learn more about photography overall, including lighting, could be various local courses, perhaps college. The courses usually have access to the equipment that is needed and a professional who can teach you the various methods and styles of lighting that appear in Photography. There may also be several books on the subject in a local library.


Answer by  jane15 (40)

Check your local library for books on film photography. You might try the strobist website or Flickr is a great resource for sharing your photos.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

The best way to learn about shadows and lighting is to take photos. You can always take a class, some places offer week/month long classes. Or you can always pick up some books, ansel adams has some great books, and the Kodak guide to photography is amazing!


Answer by  richard91 (107)

A photography course is what you want to take. Mostly what you need to know about lighting is what the principal light source is (the light source with the most power), what the general light is (ambiance light), and what other types of light there are in photography compositions.

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