Question by  brittney23 (18)

What does a director of photography do?

I'm looking for careers in photography.


Answer by  Photo (75)

There are actually two types. In cinema, it refers to the cinematographer, or person who directs the visual filming of a movie. In an editorial setting, it refers to the head of the photo department at a magazine. They produce photo shoots and license photos for publication.


Answer by  Navie (28)

Plan for photoshoot, See the angles of subject with respect to camera. Adjust the lights and manage shadows generating from those lights. Once the shoot is done then refine it


Answer by  Zeeta (261)

The director of photography is many times considered as one of the most important people after the director in a movie set. His task is to create the shooting plan. Very often he creates it with the director to make sure that their artistic opinions won't differ too much. He also leads the group of cameramen.


Answer by  Sting1 (686)

The director of photography, or sometimes cinematographer, is the person responsible of the lighting crew and the overall look of a movie, in accordance with the movie director. He works together with the director to choose the proper film, lenses, filters and lighting and sometimes acts as camera operator as well.

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