Question by  dunk541 (49)

Can you help me locate a wheelchair accessory, I need a light weight tray that I can Velcro things to so that it is easier for me to get around?

I use a wheelchair, is there a lightweight tray that I can easily velcro things to?


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Have someone buy you a light tray. Alot of garage sales have these. Or get one that has beans in to so it can stay better on your lap. If you going to Velcro a cup and put something hot in it, that's not a good idea. Make sure the tray has sides so items don't slide off.


Answer by  tillygamble (19)

Try a Trabasack 'Connnect' is a bean bag lap tray with a special surface you can velcro things to.

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