Question by  Catherine27 (6)

What is a tiny dog breed that is also a good pet?

I need a very small dog.


Answer by  33toner (73)

Any type of terrier is an acceptable small dog that can be a great companion. These dogs are very friendly and are easy to train.


Answer by  JenaMae (794)

I highly recommend teacup pomeranians or teacup yorkies. I add the "teacup" part because you say "very small dog." I have a teacup pomeranian, and she is truly an angel. She knows when I am upset and is extremely intelligent. She is loyal and even barked at a man that tried to approach me whose intentions were clearly not good.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

The smallest best breed would be a tea cup poodle they are very dedicated to their owner and you can carry them around with you in your pocket.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Dachshunds makes the best small dog pet. They generally weigh about 20 pounds or so, but you can get a miniature that would weigh under 11 pounds, and usually more like 7 or 8 pounds. The worst thing about them is how stubborn they are, but they are very loyal, smart, and sweet. They demand a LOT- more then others!


Answer by  DRS (621)

I think that toy poodles make very good pets. They are very smart, which makes them easy to train. They are also very affectionate. They are also under 10 pounds.


Answer by  babylove (655)

I would have to say that Dachsund's are very good dogs. They might be tiny but they have alot of loyalty and are very playful! Also very cute, some small dogs can turn out to be vicious!

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