Question by  msg4sunny (3)

What is a substitute for barbecue sauce?

I want to change up a chicken recipe.


Answer by  marlee (40)

this is my favorite barbecue substitute. 3 cups catsup (ketchup) 1 cup syrup 1/2 cup dill pickle juice 1/2 cup onions, chopped fine, (optional) 2 Tablespoons lemon juice 1 Tablespoon brown sugar 1 Tablepoon butter dash of salt


Answer by  CMob05 (192)

Instead of using BBQ sauce trying using Italian salad dressing, you can use it in a marinade or you can brush it on over the chicken like you usually do BBQ sauce.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Barbecue sauce is flavored catsup, so any other fruit puree can substitute for the catsup, marmalade is especially good for giving a fine and different flavor. A ginger marmalade works well, as does applesauce and mint flakes. Cinnamon can make for a nice change, especially if you add some pecans for brown crunch.


Answer by  Rose121 (18)

You can change our Barbecue sauce with many things. For something with a little kick try using a chilpotle sause. Kid friendly sauces inclulde honey mustard, lemon pepper, and Teriyaki. You can also bake with salsa or italian dressing for variety.


Answer by  LillProphetsMom (71)

I get tired of bbq sauce on my grilled chicken so I will often marinate my chicken in dijon mustard, then sprinkle it with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Another good thing to do is get some Greek salad dressing and marinate it in that. You could also marinate chicken in yogurt.

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