Question by  CLopez (2)

What are the requirements for making food products to sell?

I want to bottle and sell barbecue sauce.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First the product has to be good. And everyone needs to be honest on how it tastes. The health department will get involved in the area that it is made.


Answer by  Aya (797)

You will have to have inspections of the place you produce and package the product and be certified as healthy and so forth. However, if you intend for this to be a small business out of your home and to sell your product at farmer's markets, you can get around many rules.


Answer by  amyturk (199)

To sell food products in the United States, you must get permission from the FDA for each product that you bring to market. This requires that you file an application showing that you have appropriate quality controls in place for producing and distributing your products, and that you properly react to complaints.


Answer by  skos (11)

MUST follow approved canning methods for jams and jellies. This includes processing the jars in a hot water bath, using regulation jars and lids, etc.

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