Question by  Cruentare (20)

What is the best way to use a spit barbecue?

I am new to the spit barbecue method and would like to learn the best way to do so.


Answer by  john78 (12)

Place a pan of water under the spitted roast. that is only to keep the fat from flaring up, but has the bonus effect of helping the roast cook in its own steam. A thermometer is mandatory, as when it registers that the roast is done, it might still appear "rare", in fact is quite well done.


Answer by  angeld (11)

The best way to use a spit barbecue is over an open fire, that way you can get the desired heat temperature, and the food cooks properly on all sides.


Answer by  SandyG (807)

The best cuts of meat to make on a spit are whole chickens or turkeys, or a roast. Center the meat on the skewer so that the spit will turn steadily and not get stuck. Look for a grilling cookbook or a summer cookbook for specific recipes. Also, you may find some recipes online for camping or grilling.

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