Question by  blahblah33 (34)

What is a spring tail?

My Aunt said she found a spring tail in her yard, I have no idea what this is.


Answer by  bl834 (1317)

The scientific name for the garden springtail is Bourletiella hortensis. They are soil-dwelling arthropods that typically eat decaying plant matter or fungi with only a few species that eats living plant tissue. They "hop" by pushing off with their furcula (a forked tail-like appendage that is kept tucked underneath).


Answer by  renee (354)

They are a small insect without wing, colors may varyies black to grey to white. Hey dont fly but they to jump. I believe they have three paires of legs.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

A springtail is a wingless, tiny animal, not an insect, which can be as small as 1 mm. They thrive in high humidity and damp conditions such as in leafy, decaying matter. The name springtail stems from an appendage they have folded under their stomach. When they are threatened, this appendage quickly releases and they spring into the air.

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