Question by  suresh64 (14)

Do all dragon flies have long tails?

What do I need to know about dragon flies with long tails.


Answer by  mollymay318 (49)

No. Like any living creature there are different mutations to different types of species. Some, like the darter fly, have a shorter tail. This could be a genetic mutation due to geographic locaiton, climate, genetic deficiency, even predator climate in an area can have an effect on hundreds of years of genetic mutations.


Answer by  Lobotomy3yes (23)

Yes, all dragonflies have long "tails". This "tail" actually the dragonfly's abdominal segment, where the dragonfly digests food, processes nutrients, and disposes of waste. A young dragonfly may be confused with a damselfly, which has a similarly elongated abdomen. Baby dragonfly "nymphs" live underwater, and may bite if threatened.

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