Question by  pippo (16)

What does American Indian religions and a red tailed hawk have in common?

I need to know how a red tailed hawk is related to American Indian religion.


Answer by  hangercoat (12)

these are related as American Indian's consider the red tailed hawk to be sacred and will often use its feathers in ceremonies. The Red Hawk is a symbol of illumination and peace and is often used to adorn ceremonial dress during religious ceremonies. Also considered sky spirits or messengers of the gods, their feathers giving strength and power.


Answer by  beckonthemoon88 (59)

It serves two purposes. One is as a messenger, but a messenger of what is more important. The appearnace of a red tailed hawk is one of priority, perhaps appearing to the lathargic and lazy. Telling them to get on the ball and get involved, do the work that is expected of you and to be more involved, less distracted.


Answer by  cornes (10)

American indian religions are "totem based". It use some animals like nature forces or spirits representations, this animals are considered sacred. Red tailed hawk is one of those animals, like bears or lizards. Red tailed hawk representes wind and honor, he is a warrior and a hunter. He is seeking from above, like the warrior leader.

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