Question by  TxBluEyes (34)

What is a good learner bike?

My son is just starting out.


Answer by  kara (21)

For your sons needs, just about any will do. Make sure its a boys bike so his friends don't tease. Training wheels are a must unless you plan to be there all the time. Learning on a used bike will be a good incentive to learn, if you reward with a new bike once they have learned.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

You didn't say how old your son is,but generally having training wheels on any bike is a good way to start.This because he will be able to learn to pedal and learn proper posture on his bike while in the process of learning to balance.Specialized makes kids' bikes,including the Hotrock.


Answer by  DerekRoberts (33)

This depends on your sons height/weight and desired riding style. Typically, anything at a dedicated bike shop will do the trick, and for around $200-275. In BMX style riding, look at brands like Haro, Hoffman, or DK. In 26" mountain bike styles, Trek or Giant brands.

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