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Question by  nhladyslipperfree (42)

What is a good design for a needlepoint keepsake baby pillow?

I want to make my niece something special.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

I cute design for a baby pillow would be something like a duck, or a baby, or even her birthdate and weight at birth with pastel colors.


Answer by  Lauryn49 (70)

You could make a heart with her name in the middle of it along with her birth date or you could put the date you made it on it too. You could also just put her name on it with out the heart.


Answer by  user71 (796)

A nice design would be the babies name with the birth date, time, place, names of parents, grandparents ,God-parents, etc.


Answer by  georgiagirl (261)

when my daughter was little i made one for her, and i did a rocking horse with a brown teddy bear sitting on it. It turned oute and she still has it to this day. she's 16 now.


Answer by  csj (114)

They have great patterns out there that have the babies name written on them as well as the statistics of the baby such as date of birth, weight, length, and parents name. It's a very sentimental keepsake and something that the little one can keep for long after they grow out of the infant stage!

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