Question by  Darry (3853)

What are some good alternatives to ring bearer pillows?

I do not like the look of ring bearer pillows, however I would like a young boy in my wedding.


Answer by  lobase (74)

A great alternative to a ring bearer pillow is to have the young boy carry a tiny chest. He would open this when he reaches the bride and groom.


Answer by  Lissameli (115)

A ring box is lovely and safer. They look like tiny trunks or treasure chests covered in lace. You can also have the boy walk the flower girl down if she isn't throwing flowers.


Answer by  vpdeb (102)

Instead of pillows, try a treasure chest--greatly appeals to little boys. Or a treasure box, typically a simple jewelry box with a key--just make sure somebody has the key


Answer by  kebabmom (66)

There are many different things to use such as just a ring box in the shape of a heart, or a bible with the ring attached to the ribbon, a birds nest, or even a satin drawstring bag would do.

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