Question by  Nancy80 (31)

What is a good flower bed design for a north facing flower bed?

I need design ideas for a north facing flower bed.


Answer by  bubbanjess (15)

A good flower bed design for a north facing flower bed would be using flowers and plants that do not require a lot of sun. Plants that would be good are bushes and hydrangeas, roses and foxgloves. For a bright and beautiful garden use ferns and geraniums.


Answer by  Bryan (77)

A good design would be a oval shape with tall bushes in the middle to offer shade and flowers around the outside. The taller bushes will offer shade , make sure to use lots of mulch and Moss is also good to use as well.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

The north side of my house only gets the late sun. Hostas, Marigolds, Day Lilies, and any annuals that do not need sun. Your best bet is to get books or go to the flower nursery and do some research. Prennials are a cheaper way to go, as they come up each year. I don't have luck with seeds.


Answer by  michele72 (33)

Use plants that require full sun. Specific plants for geographic locations may vary. In southern locations plant mums in the fall and and surrond them with pansies. Once mums die off, trim and cover with mulch to get ready for spring planting.

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