Question by  Bulbasor (14)

What do I need to know about sewing pillow covers?

I want to sew pillow covers.


Answer by  Freddie12 (77)

A pillow cover is a great project, even for a beginner. Woven fabrics with little stretch are the easiest to use. Your local craft store has patterns to assist you with a design. To develop your own designs, take careful measurements and provide for seam allowances.


Answer by  diynut (38)

This is the easiest project for someone who is new to sewing. One thing to remember is to pin together the sides and sew on the wrong side.


Answer by  cgroverla (516)

Choose a firm fabric. Mark the fabric to cut so that any pattern is centered. Stitch around all but one side, turn, press, insert pillow and hand stitch the opening.


Answer by  foxyd78 (92)

fabric 2x's size of pilow. fold and pin inside out. sew 3 out of 4 sides. hem the 4th side for a nice edge. turn right side out.

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