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Question by  ushudno76 (35)

What is a cytokine storm and how has it been the cause of death in swine flu victims?


Answer by  Moma123 (1043)

Cytokines are small protiens released by immune cells. They signal immune cells to travel to the site of infection and fight against the invading pathogens and release more cytokines from immune cells in that area. In swine flu victims, cytokines and immune cells are released rapidly in large number which results in damage of cells and organs, resulting death.


Answer by  DebH2010 (291)

A quick and over-simplified explanation of cytokine storm is that it's like the body's immune system freaks out and goes on overdrive, attacking everything that's not right, and quite a few things that would have been fine left alone. If it doesn't stop, it can often be fatal. There are a few treatments that are sometimes effective in stopping it.


Answer by  DrSPReddy (127)

A cytokine storm is a nonspecific inflammatory response resulting in the release of cytokines after a life threatening medical insult such as a gangrenous foot, extensive burns and overwhelming infection such as the swine flu.This may result in Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome commonly called SIRS which may result in death


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Cytokines are proteins made by white blood cells.Regulate immune system. A storm(over abundance)has elevated WBC's and drastically changes the immune system, unable to fight any intense infection


Answer by  Anitha72 (32)

Cytokine storm is increased level of cell protein molecules in blood. In swine flu victims, if it occurs in lungs, immune cells accumulate and block the airways leads to death


Answer by  umdoc (30)

cytokine storm is a harmful reaction of immune system involving elevated levels of cytokine cells which effect the immune is believed that cytokine storms are the cause of swine flu deaths but not yet proved.

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