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Question by  andy4us (75)

What is a natural remedy for excess saliva?

Since getting the swine flu I have developed a condition to where I have more saliva than normal.


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

You can eat more salty foods which will help to naturally dry up some of the saliva. You can also meet with your doctor to discuss various ailments that can cause this. There are medications one can take to help cure this condition. Excess saliva can be very embarrassing for people.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Medications that reduce the amount of problems with runny noses will also dry out the glands that produce saliva. What also may be happening is that you may not be swallowing your normal amount because being sick effects your swallow reflex. Taking the time to conciously swallow is strange, but doing so could help this issue pass.


Answer by  MKAVYA (14)

you should be first correct give a yoga,exercise inyour body. then you will go for walking for two or three hours. you will eat natural vegetables, and fruits,nuts. grains. than you not getting, swine flu. this is the natural remedy for excess saliva. "health is wealth". please avoid bad habits andbad friendship. all the best wish. take care.


Answer by  sharmila (83)

to drink lots of lukewarm water, protect yourself from cold things and crowded places. always cover your face with a mask. get checked your saliva as it detects the true cause of swine flu.

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