Question by  Kaylene (93)

How can I help to reduce stomach cramps for my children who have the stomach flu?

My children all have the stomach flu and are having horrible cramps, can you provide me with suggestions on what to do to help them?


Answer by  Markwanda3161 (90)

Keep plenty of fluids in your children. Use only clear liquids, such as 7up. Keep their diet bland, not using heavy seasonings. Foods such as chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes or plain toast are good choices. Avoid strenuous activity and make sure your child gets lots of rest and sleep.


Answer by  LessJilly (18)

I have found that ginger is a really good, healthy remedy for stomach cramps. Ginger tea and lollipops worked wonders for me during my tumultuous pregnancy! If your children can't keep much down, they might be able to sip hot water with ginger in it. If they can tolerate the taste, nibbling on candied ginger will certainly suffice.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

There are a few things that have been considered to help. Put a heating pad on them for 10 minutes at a time. Have them drink a fountain Coca Cola.

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