Question by  benjiross (993)

What is a Class A misdemeanor?


Answer by  danielle (83)

The misdemeanor depends on what state you are in. A Class A misdemeanor is higher than Class B. Class A misdeameanors could carry a fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for 9 months, or both.


Answer by  Turks (319)

It is the most sever misdemeanor, which results in a fine up to $10,000 or imprisonment for up to 270 days or 9 months, or both. And for a repeated offence the term of imprisonment may increase up to 2 years.


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

Some common Class A Misdemeanors are a second DWI, an assault charge, car theft, and the unlawful carrying of a weapon. Class A Misdemeanor punishments are normally confinement to county jail for a term of up to one year and/or a fine no more than $4,000.

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