Question by  idavid (385)

What happens when a judgment is filed against me?

What if I don't have the money?


Answer by  patti (29325)

You can go to the hearing and present documentation of your financial situation as evidence that you are not able to pay. If a judgment has already been entered against you, the creditor can attach wages, sweep bank accounts and place liens on your properties. Early intervention is the best way to avoid problems.


Answer by  MSH (305)

When a judgement is filed against you it is filed in the county clerks office where you live. If you have property it will become a lien on your property. They can also start collection against you including garnishing you wages. The judgment will also affect your credit


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

If someone wins the judgement they are entitled to have your wages garnished or a lien placed against your property until you make some kind of settlement.


Answer by  coolkid (68)

If a judgement is filed and you dont have the money then you may need to file bankrupcy. If it is serious, like your house. The judment means you didnt make the payments and it is about to be taken away from you.


Answer by  cody (1331)

when you don't have the money when a jugde files a jugdement against you. you have to pay or you can be put in jail and you can also talk to the judge about payment plans. if you even owe 1000 bucks you can pay 25 bucks a week if you need to


Answer by  mani73 (3)

enquiry will be done and judgement will be issued. the police will give the punishment. then the justice will be proven.

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