Question by  Kevin16 (56)

How do I find out if I have a judgment against me?

I want to learn if I have a judgment against me.


Answer by  Tomg (129)

Locate your local county or city court. A judgement is filed in these courts and is part of public record. If you have a judgement the court will advised you of all the information in the judgement. If you have a judgement in another location a check of your credit report will also contain information on any judgements.


Answer by  LadyLawyer (325)

You would need to go to every county where you have lived and check the clerk of court to see if any judgments have been registered in the clerk of court's office. Jurisdiction is any county where you have lived.


Answer by  epglaw (553)

You have several methods available. Obtain a credit report, or go to the courthouse where you suspect a judgment was entered and ask the court clerk to run a search on you. You can also go to several web sites which can check but you have to pay a fee.


Answer by  LKHomemailgmailcom (60)

A person may do research to find out if anyone has judgements against them by going online to the State Courts Information Systesm website and navigate through the website, by contacting the clerk of the court for assistance and/or by getting access to their own credit bureau report to determine if there are any records of judgement.

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