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Question by  blink (23)

What foods are harmful for your adrenal glands?

I have adrenal gland issues and need to know what foods to avoid.


Answer by  Helenaneesh (68)

The foods which are harmaful are coffee, chocolate, soda, sugar, flour and fruits. Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates the adrenal glands. Chocolate contains caffeine and sugar which will increase hypoglycemia which makes a person tired and more hungry. Soda contains unnatural substances. Flour products also increases hypoglycemia. Fruits contain sugars.


Answer by  sellappan (32)

Harmful foods for adrenal glands: The processed foods always have additives and preservatives that are very harmful to adrenal glands. The prepared foods such as chips, crackers, cookies, ice cream and pastries are also harmful. White flour and white sugar are not good. Those foods which give rise in blood sugar will surely affect the adrenals.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

Sodium nitrates (hot dogs, lunch meats, bacon); BHA/BHT (butter, chewing gum, dehydrated potatoes); trans fats (chips, cookies, crackers, margarine); Olestra (fat-free chips and other items). Read labels carefully.

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