Question by  jcm (117)

What flowers need de-heading?


Answer by  mike3321 (80)

Any flowers that bloom more than seasonally, de-heading the flowers promotes new and more rapid growth. However make sure plant is at full bloom prior to de-heading to achieve maximum potential.


Answer by  worker3873 (146)

Most to all flowers in the aster and rose families need de-heading. Plants in the Aster family include most daisies and mums. Other perennials where the flowers re-emerge or still haven't bloomed will need the occasional de-heading to revive the overall look of the plant and encourage new growth to emerge. All roses need regular de-heading too.


Answer by  Carol37 (569)

You can tell if a flower needs to be de-headed if it doesn't do it itself. A rose will develop a pod but an impatient will just drop off.

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