Question by  Gillian (27)

How can I get my flowers to rebloom?

My flowers bloomed early this year and as a result I have no flowers on my plants now.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

It really depends what plant you are referring to. Some plants simply won't rebloom. Lilies can be cut right back, but often won't rebloom until the next cycle- my Easter Lily however is doing an unexpected mid-winter growth. Bulbs can be dug up and forced, and pinching back some blooming shrubs may stimulate a reflowering.


Answer by  worker1235 (67)

The easiest way of forcing reblooming is to increase the amount of light the plant receives, time-wise. Use artificial lighting to give the plant more than 15 hours of light a day, and then after after three weeks, go back to a normal lighting schedule.

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