Question by  Amanda48 (13)

Ho w do bleeding heart flowers reproduce?

I planted several bleeding heart flowers in my yard and the several have now turned to an entire flower bed of them.


Answer by  Stephanie73 (58)

The Dicentra spectabilis or the bleeding heart is a perenial herbaceous plant native to eastern Asia. It propagates from seeds dropped by the flowers. You can divide the plants in the late fall or early spring if they become overcrowded. But be careful the plant can cause skin irritation.


Answer by  GKRISHNAVENI (126)

You can reproduce the plant by many types. You can reproduce them by seeds which gives more beautifull trees. some can be reproduce by flowers. But most of the time these types of plants do and you don't really want to reproduce a patented plant.


Answer by  lanta (61)

bleeding flowers reproduce when the flower get broken hearted and it breaks in two. the one that breaks from the original plant will be the another plant. thats how bleeding flower plant reproduce.

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