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Question by  turker (142)

What does the bible say about restoring bones?

I want to know what the bible says about restoring bones.


Answer by  booj (40)

The bible doesn't say anything about restoring bones. Some faith healers (otherwise known as con artists who will try to charge you money for performing imaginary "faith healing") might tell you otherwise, but in fact, the best things to do for bone health are to make sure you're getting enough calcium and enough vitamin D to promote calcium absorption.


Answer by  shijo (861)

Its a kind of sacrifice that is told in the bible. To maintain a relationship of the lost soul they did a sacrifice with the bones of the dead people.


Answer by  Tracey62 (316)

In Ezekiel 37, God restores bones by putting back on them tendons and flesh with a covering of skin. So now instead of scattered bones, there are bodies. God gives life to these bodies by putting His breath of life into them. Essentially, Ezekiel 37 is a parable about God giving spiritual life to the living who are spiritual dead.

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