Question by  whatreality (19)

How do you restore the appearance of brushed stainless appliances?

My appliances have become scratched form moving and need to be restored to their original appearance.


Answer by  dialfoust (220)

There is a cleaner that you can purchase that will do it. I am told that baby oil will do the same job for a lot less though. Wipe the oil onto the item, let it set for a little bit and than buff the item until all oil is gone.


Answer by  RepairItMan (419)

There are several polymer solutions to buffing out the scrathes, and making it look like new. Personally, I use an abrasive with a mineral grit. Then, I have a buffer that I apply the abrasive to. Give it a slight onceover, and then use a shine restoration polymer to bring back the look.


Answer by  AnnieS292 (67)

You can buy stainless steel cleaner at the grocery store, and this works very well. You can also try a little oil rubbed in the direction of the brush marks.


Answer by  madhuri (4)

Best way to restore the appearance of brushed stainless appliances is wipe. Wipe it down ,just to clean it a little bit,u will see the all of the little crumbs and things like that off. Than use all purpose cleaner and following up the metal polish to shine up the steel.

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