Question by  Bob53 (414)

Where can I get a restore disk for my computer?

Someone told me I have to restore the desktop.


Answer by  lule (166)

Restore disk or better to say restore point can be created by windows OS (XP, vista or 7). You can also get restore disk from computer reseller (optionally).


Answer by  Nancy (578)

There is a possibility that can be done by writing to the manufacturers of your computer. In actuallity, you would be reprogramming the entire computer, so this means everything will need to be deleted. It usually requires several disks to do this and is quite time consuming, but it is possible. I did it once myself.


Answer by  jude11 (499)

A restore disk should have been provided with your computer. If not, you have to call the maker of the computer and ask to get another one. Another way to restore the computer is by hitting f12 when your computer starts up to get to the menu. Then, you can do a system restore from there. Backup your important materials.


Answer by  hypercatbed (142)

A restore disk should come with your computer when you bought it. It should be in that big bundle of disks and papers that came with the computer.

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