Question by  NutBucket (140)

What does the American Baptist believe about baptism?

My brother and his baptist wife decided to wait and baptize their son years from now when he is older, is this normal for baptists?


Answer by  squirtt7 (66)

A person should only be baptized when he or she is old enough to consciously do so, and only after choosing to accept Jesus as their Savior. Being baptized is a symbol and public declaration of their decision to follow Jesus.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

Yes. American Baptists do not have infant baptism. They see the baptism ceremony as a way for a person to publicly demonstrate their faith and be welcomed into the church.


Answer by  Spock (261)

Sure it is. Many Baptists believe that baptism must be an act of your own will, and that an infant can't decide for himself or herself whether to accept Christ, so baptizing an infant would be pointless.

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