Question by  apple (447)

Is it common for optometrists to require that you to come back a second time to get your contacts prescription?

My contacts prescription expired so I got an eye exam. The doctor gave me a set of contacts and is making me come back in a week to see how the contacts "fit" before giving me my prescription. I wonder if he's just trying to get a second copay.


Answer by  Kes (21)

Because there are different diameter lenses, as well as different materials, if this is your first time with that particular brand/version, it is not uncommon to "test them out."


Answer by  Danie (993)

I have found many doctors are looking to get a second appointment when only one is really needed. If you feel this is the case, you may want to look for another doctor for your contacts next time you need a new prescription.


Answer by  cheldi (95)

Yes I've always had to take a sample pair and come back to check them before I got a prescription. They want to make sure those really fit you and that you can see properly with them before you bother getting a supply and paying the money.


Answer by  kathyg (20)

My past experiences with optometrists were much different. It's normally an exam and the contacts are ordered. I return in a week to obtain my new perscription lenses.

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