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Question by  Randy73 (58)

What does a kidney stone feel like?

Or, what does it feel like to have a kidney stone?


Answer by  Lesley (32)

It is EXTEMELY painful. It usually starts in the back and continues slowly to the front. The pain while passing the stone is intense.


Answer by  tch212000 (37)

The intense pain begins in your lower back and can move forward as the stone progresses down your urinary tract.


Answer by  Anonymous

The most intense pain I've ever felt. Completely unbearable.

posted by Anonymous
no way it feels great  add a comment

Answer by  fatkid (105)

imagine trying to push a peach pit thru a drinking straw the stones are usually bigger than yout urinary tract and are very painful coming out unless they break up


Answer by  Anonymous

imagine a jagged rock going through your small weena hole taking a hour to get out. ahhhhhh it burns


Answer by  Anonymous

i fried my kidney stone and it tasted like butt

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