Question by  Rajesh27 (20)

What do you feed to a baby rabbit?


Answer by  cpxi (191)

A newborn baby rabbit should have its mother's milk. After weaning, it should have alfalfa and fresh produce such as kale.


Answer by  cmunch (97)

Surprisingly enough, should be Kitten Milk or "Kitten Milk Replacer". You can get this at most every pet store or at veterinarian offices. Do not feed them any more than two times per day. Typically they should actually only be fed once per day, but the milk is just a replacement for the baby rabbit's mother's milk. So be careful.


Answer by  tmstp6207 (43)

If the baby bunny is less than 4 weeks old, you can find kitten milk replacers at petstores or a vet. After 4 weeks old, they can be weaned.


Answer by  cristiana (44)

give them milk powder MILUMIL 2, you prepare the recipe and give them a seringe (no needle of course) you take turns with his hands and put in his mouth the blunt plastic tip of the syringe and push the syringe plunger slightly and steadily Give them three times a day and gradually increase the ratio (milk to be warm)

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