Question by  barefoot60 (44)

How do you take care of a baby rabbit?

We will be getting a baby rabbit soon.


Answer by  ybforz (83)

A baby rabbit needs a lot of love and attention, much like a kitten or puppy would. Make sure he or she has access to fresh water 24/7, as well as grass hay, as this is vital to a rabbits diet. Rabbits under 6 months of age can have free range pellets. Small amounts of vegetables are great!


Answer by  bunnygal (262)

Care for a baby rabbit is not any more complicated than an adult. (The rabbit must be weaned from its mother - preferably a week prior to you getting it). Be sure to handle him carefully and provide free-choice of a proper rabbit pellet, hay and water.


Answer by  worker5829 (219)

Make sure the mother can get away from the kits. The mother needs to be able to escape her kits and rest but also must have the ability to feed them. This is most commonly achieved with a two part hutch that has a divider tall enough to prevent the babies from crossing.


Answer by  HEAJG (500)

Basically nurture the rabbit in any way you can. You want to develop it's growth. Feed it regularly make sure it does some exercises out in the house. You can buy some rabbit exercise tools that will help the rabbit develop it's instincts. I just love baby rabbits. So good luck.


Answer by  violetbunny (30)

Rabbits need water and hay in unlimited quantities. you may also feed a rabbit pellet food once it is fully weened. Keep the cage clean and dry and purchase a litterbox, as rabbits can be litter trained.


Answer by  Hammy (244)

If the rabbit is old enough to be away from its mother then you just take care of it the same way as an adult. It needs a cage that is at least 3 times as long and wide as it will be grown up and a place to hide. Offer timothy hay and water at all times.


Answer by  SamV (28)

Make sure that you keep it in a place that it will be warm enough. Put plenty of straw or hay in the hutch so that it can make itself a nest.


Answer by  me123 (18)

You give it a nice big carrot (cut into small pieces) to make sure that it has tasty food. You should also clean out its cage at least once a week and put in fresh newspaper. That way baby rabbit will not smell bad or look bad. That will keep it very happy.

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