Question by  Katie17 (26)

What do you feed four week old baby rabbits?

I found some deserted rabbits and would like to take care of them but have no idea what to feed them.


Answer by  jems (194)

Leave baby rabbits where you found them! The mother often leaves them unattended by day and returns at night. You can use Zoologic formula. Instructions for use can be found online, but baby rabbits often get diarrhea and die when not receiving their mother's milk.


Answer by  Lipgloss (52)

You can feed baby rabbits a milk called Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR), which you can find at pet stores and you can use a use an eye dropper or sterile oral syringe to feed them the food no more then twice a day. You can also leave some hay and pellets for them to eat.


Answer by  mb (5482)

They will need to be feed milk. Whole milk (cows milk) would be best. Use an eye dropper or oral syringe and feed them every hour. Warm the milk to 98. 6 degrees F.

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