Question by  sara99 (851)

How do you feed baby bunnies that have been separated from their mother?

We found some baby bunnies but don't know how to feed them.


Answer by  mya (62)

Better ask a vet, but if the babies were out, it means they're already able to eat grass/hay/vegetables. Vets should have special milk to complete if necessary.


Answer by  kirri (478)

If they are wild bunnies, leave them alone. Mother rabbits only feed their babies for 5-10 minutes twice a day. If they are domesticated and their mother is no longer available please contact a rescue so they can be fostered. It is very difficult to raise baby bunnies without their mother. Most end up dying.


Answer by  MrsBee30 (8)

Formula recipe: Fresh, whole goat milk, ½ cup. Kitten Milk Replacer ½ cup and lyophilized colostrum. 1 - 1.5 tablespoons and ½ teaspoon heavy cream. Mix ingredients together very well. Heat the formula to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Hold the baby horizontal in one hand, the bottle in the other.


Answer by  harajukubarbie (13)

You can feed a baby rabbit anything it eats basiclly.I assume you use a special formula,warming it a little in a little bottle.Even if it eats lettuce or not,you should try to feed it some formula.Also dont to not to touch as much unless you have to.


Answer by  krisp (147)

Baby wild bunnies can be very hard to raise, it's best to get them to a wild life rehab center. If it's not possible to find a wild life rehab to take them, then they can be fed a kitten replacement formula with an eye dropper


Answer by  MECooke (142)

Remove rabbit kits from their nest only if the mother is dead. Like any baby they will require frequent feedings, possibly every two hours. Specific formulas are available from pet supply stores or through your vet's office. Consult your vet for advice on vitamins and formula.


Answer by  leelee02 (43)

Baby bunnies can die from to much handling or if fed cow's milk. Do not try to feed them by yourself. If you are sure that the mother is not coming back and that the bunnies are in need of help for survival call a wildlife rehabilitator or rabbit vet.


Answer by  Lindsey (23)

Feed by 1ml syringes, 2ml syringe for rabbits over 3 weeks old. Milk: 1 part Cimicat : 3.0 parts cooled boiled water. ¼ - ½ teaspoon Avipro 0.5ml – 1ml Abidec depending on the quantity of milk prepared.

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