Question by  scarver123 (15)

What do I need to connect another monitor to my computer?


Answer by  alfaredo (18)

You will need a graphics card which supports dual screen display as well as the appropriate cables, depending on sockets used. You must also have the card drivers installed.


Answer by  fixitladie (17)

To connect a second monitor to your computer you will need a second monitor, as well as a dual monitor capable video card. Most newer model cards come with the digital DVI connection, as opposed to the older VGA connector. Make sure you purchase the right card for your monitors.


Answer by  Emr (698)

Check your computer's monitor port. You can have a DVI or VGA port. Newer models may have an HDMI connector. Once you've figured that out, make sure the monitor you are buying will connect to that port. Most new monitors will come with a cable, so you should not have to buy a cable, too.


Answer by  raze (78)

One must make sure that his/her video card can support the addition of another monitor, provided that the video card has two inputs for monitors (or just one for a laptop) plug in the monitor and configure in the video card control panel.


Answer by  beantastic (19)

You will need a video card that is a dual-head card. after connecting the second monitor go under display settings and click "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor"


Answer by  Betty0320 (734)

Your second monitor should come with a blue cord that attached with two prongs and a rhombus-shaped connector to the back of your UPC. Then you go into Control Panel and Display and set up your second monitor.

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