Question by  sbickel (29)

How do I connect an RCA e-Music1 to my computer?

What cables do I need?


Answer by  Sylvaron (19)

You must have a Windows based computer, no macs. The cable should be a usb cable that was provided with the RCA e-Music1. It might be a micro or a mini USB port, if you've lost your cable try finding micro and mini usb cables and testing the device to see if they fit. Then, plug into the PC!


Answer by  naveeth (12)

Connecting an RCA e-Music1 to a personal computer is a simple task.Firstly for the connection to establish a data cable is required supporting USB.Connection is made when the device connected to pc by data cable.Now its recommended to insert the driver cd and install the driver into the pc.Finaly its ready to use.

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