Question by  MortgagePro (25)

Why is my computer screen black?

I've powered my computer on, and everything appears to be connected properly. Why is the monitor on my PC still black?


Answer by  tenritsu (51)

Hook up another working monitor and test to see if there is any image. If the monitor doesn't work, then perhaps the problem lies within the graphics card.


Answer by  Sockless (528)

Open the case and make sure the video card is seated correctly and getting power. It should have a fan on it that should be running. If it is, start Windows in Safe Mode and delete all monitor drivers and load the default ones.


Answer by  logu88 (40)

In your computer the power light is on and nothing comes up on the screen when you start your computer, it is possible you have a bad video card.


Answer by  pbako (96)

Start with the obvious. Is the monitor plugged in, and if yes is it turned on? Is the signal cable plugged into the computer?


Answer by  brilliance (54)

Improperly installed hardware, such as wires placed in the wrong plugs, incorrectly-set motherboard prongs, poorly-set cards, or an overly-hot CPU, a broken power supply, incorrect BIOS settings, or mechanical, or electrical problems in the computer hardware, or a short in the hardware. You may need to reinstall things such as DRAM or CPU, as the computer may not acknowledge these.


Answer by  A84 (90)

More than likely the connection to the computer is not snug. Check both ends and make sure they are secured. Another thing to check is the Device Manager. Do this by right clicking on My Computer, select Manage. There will be a list, select Device Manager. Look for Display Adapters and Monitors. Make sure nothing has a "!" on it.


Answer by  Lovely (31)

Are you sure that the monitor is on? Maybe your brightness and contrast settings are set too low resulting in a black color?


Answer by  gigo (1706)

This could come from many points: maybe the fuse of the monitor is gone. Another point could be, that the background light is broken.

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