Question by  DarkListener (11)

Can you tell me how to connect my Canon Pixma Printer mp160 to my Dell laptop?

I need to connect my computer to my laptop.


Answer by  zackr (38)

First, insert and install the software on the CD that came with your printer. Second, plug your printer into an electrical socket. Third, connect a USB cable from the printer to the computer. If your printer did not come with a USB cable, look for one at an electronic store. Finally, turn the printer on. You have connected your printer.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

First make sure you install the driverd onto your laptop. Then after you connect it with your USB cord and plug it into a power source it should give you the option of installing new hardware. Make sure you turn the printer on, the pixmas default as off and don't turn on as soon as you plug them in.


Answer by  BrokenWits (382)

You will need to install the drivers from the printer on your laptop first. After that, you should be able to plug in the USB cord from your printer.


Answer by  pradonog (117)

Make sure your printer driver that came with it installed on your laptop Operating System first, it should install easily, or if you prefer or dont find the driver for your OS, you can find it at Canon website. Then simply connect the USB cable connection. It should run nicely.

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