Question by  Anna27 (62)

How can I prevent past relationships from ruining new relationships?

My fiance is very jealous of my friendship with my ex boyfriend. He has nothing to worry about, but I'm afraid it may be ruining our relationship. What can I do?


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

Have a serious talk with your fiance. Be very honest with him about how you feel, and tell him he has nothing to worry about but that his jealousy is causing serious problems.


Answer by  Anonymous

If he has jealousy problems HE has to solve them. You can't. And you can't change your past. Setting boundaries around your involvement with your ex should be a mutual, intimacy building exercise. Instead it sounds like your fiance has control or self esteem issues.


Answer by  answergirl (39)

I think that the best thing that you can do for your relationship is to move on and begin concentrating on your life with your fiance.


Answer by  Anonymous

You cannot solve it by yourself. Its not your problem. It just show that your fiance is not an open-minded person. Its very difficult to prove something to someone who doubts everything when there is nothing to doubt.

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