Question by  shuker (32)

What crimes were committed off of Craigslist in Portland?

Wasn't there something about a serial killer?


Answer by  tina63 (273)

The "Craigslist Killer," Phillip Markoff, a university student, killed three women advertising "erotic services" in Boston, MA. There have been no reported Portland Craigslist killings. Previous crimes associated with Craigslist Portland included a prostitution ring in a local motel, a couple stealing and reselling utility trailers, and other types of stolen property, e.g. computers.


Answer by  ElizabethBrennan (20)

Phillip Markoff of Portland Oregon was arrested as the Creagislist killer, who attacked, robbed, and killed Craigslist buyers before his wedding to Megan McAllister. Markoff, a Boston University med student appeared to be one of those individuals incapable of killing anyone, but police arrested him on multiple counts of murder.

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