Question by  worker8887 (33)

What are areas to avoid in Portland?

I am going to travel to Portland soon and want to know where to avoid.


Answer by  ZackRoca18 (33)

Portland is mostly very nice - low key and easy to navigate city. If you are walking by yourself then you definitely want to avoid the north side of the city. Not safe at all.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

The areas in Portland to avoid are the dangerous parts. Those are the parts that you don't want to find yourself in because they are dangerous and you could get hurt. Of course you could argue that you could get hurt anywhere, You do not want to get hurt in the dangerous parts of Portland.


Answer by  Zoso (869)

Generally fairly safe, without severe racial tension or sharp income differences, be wary on the north side of downtown along Burnside, and in the North neighborhood east of the river.

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