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Question by  batsonj (35)

What could the problem be if my PS2 says there is no data regardless of what disc I put in?


Answer by  pekarcikp (26)

There could be a problem with the hard drive or the disc reader... probably more the disc reader. You can buy disk reader cleaning kits at places like WalMart, or try spraying compressed air into the disc slot. Hope this helps!


Answer by  mickyooo (12)

The laser inside your PlayStation 2 could be damaged. This would make incapable of reading any disc or anything you put inside it. It also may have an internal problem where you can return it to get it refurbished. Then you can get it back to make it work as good as new.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well if none of your games work then it sounds like you are having an issue with the laser not reading the disk. You can try using some type of laser eye cleaner and see if that helps. Hopefully it is just dirty and the eye itself has not stopped working.


Answer by  yoshi1hero (11)

There are several possible problems. It could be the ballings. The way disk machines work is that they spin. There these little silver ballings that tend to come out of place due to damage or any kind. That or yours sensor tape is broken. You can't really do anything but, send it to a technican. Don't play around with it.


Answer by  enepetrecristian (17)

Your dvd may be scratched. Or the optical unity of the play station 2 console may be broken. Or the play station 2 may have a broken firmware.


Answer by  ColCob (4)

In the PS2, there is a laser that reads the disc. With out that laser, the PS2 cannot read the disc. There maybe be several other lasers, but the one that reads the disk may be damaged

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