Question by  Wilson (32)

What happens if you put the wrong deposit amount on a deposit slip?

I think I put the wrong deposit amount by mistake!


Answer by  John (9008)

Your bank will have its own rules for this. Most commonly, they will send you a letter giving you a notice of an overage (if the amount you put is too low) or a shortage (if the amount you put is too high) and just correct your account accordingly.


Answer by  Dbthompson (28)

The likely outcome is they'll ignore the amount on the slip only regarding the actual amount, but You should go to the the Financial institute a.s.a.p, and let them know so a note isn't attached to your account stating a possible attempt at fraud.


Answer by  onecrore (196)

I've done this before, and i did it in the direction that hurt me. when i checked online, my balance was initially incorrect, but after they manually checked the deposit in the ATM, it was corrected. Call your bank to be safe, but you are probably ok.

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